Emergency Relief Service

Based in the heart of Penrith, the Emergency Relief team supports people in crisis situations five days per week. Each year the team will:

  • Provide groceries, fresh and frozen food to thousands of Penrith residents

  • Give away 3000+ items of clothing through Op Shop vouchers

  • Process approximately 700 vouchers for Electricity, Gas, Telstra and Sydney Water bills

  • Refer many to financial counselling, home budgeting support and other important services.

The Emergency Relief Service supports residents of the Penrith local government area. To see how we can assist you with emergency food or utilities vouchers please contact our office to make an appointment.


Penrith City CARE KITS Program

Providing basic personal care items to people 'when needed the most' right across the Nepean region, one partnering organisation went as far to say the Penrith City Care Kits initiative has "changed the caring landscape of the city".

A variety of Kits catering for all ages from newborn infants to the elderly are supplied to Nepean Hospital social workers, Domestic Violence refuges, health centre counsellors, school chaplains, youth workers and numerous other charities and services.

To support this special initiative financially please visit the Donate Now page (donations are tax-deductible). To donate products (in small or large quantities) to be distributed in Penrith City CARE KITS please contact the WestCare team.




Working closely with other member organisations of the Nepean Domestic Violence Network, the ‘Fresh Start Go!’ project was created to make a meaningful difference to families affected by domestic violence. Initiatives include:

  • Refuge Crisis Accommodation for Women with Children

  • Nepean HomeStart support for severely affected DV families

  • Specialised care aids and practical home service support to the most affected

  • Community Training and Referral Service


1000 Safe Sleeps

Emergency accommodation services are essential for ensuring the immediate and ongoing safety of people who are experiencing homelessness.

The WestCare '1000 Safe Sleeps' project provides short term crisis stays for people who are homeless as local specialised housing partners support them onto a pathway to a stable place they can call home.

A spacious living environment with meals and laundry facilities provided helps to create a safe and comfortable space during such a challenging period.

Please Note - WestCare's 1000 Safe Sleeps crisis accommodation clients are placed by specialised local housing providers.


Nepean HomeStart Program

A high percentage of people taking up new housing tenancies after periods of serious homelessness have few, if any domestic possessions and very limited financial resources.

Selected local Housing Service partners apply to WestCare on behalf of qualifying high-need, previously chronically-homeless families in Penrith. If the application is successful, the aim is that the pack be provided on the first day they move into their new residence, and that while meeting some immediate needs, it can also help to create a sustainable sense of home and belonging, ultimately assisting to prevent future homelessness.


Community Connection Team

The Community Connection team extends the reach of WestCare beyond our walls out into the community, including:

  • Delivering help and assistance to those in need

  • Visiting isolated public housing neighbourhoods

  • Hosting or serving at community events

  • Partnering with other local services

One current project is the shared project 'Village Cafe' in North St Marys hosted by Penrith City Council where WestCare provides fresh fruit and vegetables to engage with the over-50 age demographic in the area.


WestCare Christmas Appeal

The financial and emotional challenges of the Christmas season can be particularly taxing for struggling families and individuals.

The WestCare Christmas Appeal is 100% donation funded in the lead-up to Christmas by generous members of the public, local fundraising activities and contributing businesses. We aim to provide carefully sourced, high-need local families with some Christmas cheer through hampers, gift packs and toys who might otherwise not really have a Christmas experience.

In 2018 we increased the Appeal and provided quality hampers and specialised packs to challenged families identified by principals from twelve local schools, numerous domestic violence services, cancer support organisations, high-need Nepean Hospital wards and other Community Connection partners. 


The WestCare Op Shop

9:00am – 4pm Monday to Friday
10 Bringelly Road, Kingswood

The WestCare Op Shop in Bringelly Rd, Kingswood (opposite the Kingswood Post Office) is probably a little different than most Op Shops - at least that's the feedback from regular customers!

While there is a good range of seasonal second hand clothing and goods, many people through the years have found new friends and community connection through our friendly Volunteers.

Our Op Shop requires ongoing donations of clothing and small household goods so if you have items you wish to donate please drop them into the store, at Shop 2 / 10 Bringelly Rd in Kingswood or Contact Us for larger donations.


Correctional Care

WestCare facilitates weekly Life Skills/DIY Classes at Bolwara Transitional Centre, preparing pre-release residents for their future through a range of topics designed to increase self-understanding, discover new talents and improve lifestyle decision making.

Similarly we support Chaplaincy programs and other initiatives in Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre with motivational support with creative performance activities to positively impact young offenders prior to their release into the community.


Work Development Orders


WestCare Community Services is an approved sponsor organisation for Work and Development Orders as outlined by the NSW State Debt Recovery Office. Eligible individuals may qualify to pay off part or all of their relevant fines by completing certain activities through WestCare. For more information refer to the www.SDRO.nsw.gov.au website and if eligible please contact our office.