Since 1977 WestCare has been committed to the relief of poverty, suffering, distress and helplessness of people in the Penrith community. 

From the earliest days of 'Distress Call' and 'Penrith Care', before incorporating as 'WestCare Recovery Centre' in 2001 and then 'WestCare Community Services' in 2007 – WestCare is a locally based / not-for-profit / registered charity, continually driven by a compassionate desire to make a difference in our city!

While offering a caring environment with a growing body of experienced Volunteers, WestCare is also a great avenue of resource for referrals. By increasingly networking with other local service providers we can outsource the best support required for our individual client needs. Likewise many clients are often referred to us by other government and non-government organisations.

As a local missions arm of Imagine Nations Church, WestCare is particularly passionate about serving our local community through acts of service, providing life skills and resources to help enable a brighter future.

Most of our services are provided free of charge, supported by local people and businesses who recognise that WestCare is meeting real needs for real people. Please consider taking the opportunity to share in this great venture by donating today.